Welcome to our adventurers log. This page is dedicated to logging our ragtag crew of young adventurers as many of them take their first trip through the world of Faerun set in the Forgotten Realms using 5e D&D.

I am DM Syberpanther. I have been DM for quite a few different games since about 2000. A few breaks have happened over the years, but it has always been something that I enjoyed.

Our current group started playing in November 2015. We play at the martial arts studio that I own. Games are usually only once a month for ad few hours at a time. Our youngest player is 7 and has been enjoying the adventure so far.

As time permits, we will add character bios and images.

The first adventure I have started them on is fro the Rage of Demons campaign setting: Out of the Abyss. Found here for your own consumption.


We have made it through 3 sessions with another planned for 3/12/2016. So far, our new players have begun to get the hang of their own abilities while learning about roles in the team so that teamwork can be brought to light.

One of our members learned a lesson on striking out on their own and separating themselves from the rest of the crew. He nearly parrishes. They say that curiosity killed the cat-burgler. This time, it was 3 giant spiders that nearly did him in. More on this later.

Stay tuned to see what happens to our green filled explorers.

-DM Syberpanther 3/3/16

Kicking Out of the Abyss

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