Kicking Out of the Abyss

Update for our adventures


Hello Everyone,

First of all, if you have been following this page, sorry for the lack of updates. Life gets busy and I have too many projects to keep up with them all.

Second, we have taken a brief break from our main campaign. The reasoning for this is because DM Syberpanther was preparing for GameHoleCon 2016 and was prepping by running some DDAL modules. The main group opened up their arms and welcomed in a few new players to allow for these short modules to be run. The new players loved the game and want to continue playing.

With the new players and our existing players, our group has grown to 11 people with the possibility of 2 more people. With a group this size, it makes sense to have 2 tables at our events meaning that we need another DM. Gavin Lawson (aka Garus) has shown interest and has the skills to be able to DM a table. We are going to try this at our session in November to see how well it works out. If it works well, then we may adjust some of our previous adventuring to make the characters DDAL legal.

Thanks for your patience. Hopefully within the next few weeks, we hope to update the site with notes from our previous adventures.

-DM Syberpanther


syberpanther syberpanther

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